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Second Cardano Testnet IELE was launched!
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Via its official Twitter handle, Cardano Foundation announced on July 30 the launch of its IELE Testnet. The announcement was made exactly two months after the launch of its first Testnet named K-EVM. K-EVM allows the developers test any smart contract that runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The aim of creation of IELE Testnet is the improvement of Cardano’s IELE Virtual Machine (VM). This new development allows developers make use of a large number of analyses and optimization in comparison to the existing stack-based VMs. By using this Testnet, the prediction of GAS cost becomes more accurately. Also, it avails lower GAS cost for contracts.

A crypto enthusiast named Duy Nguyen says:

“Nice progress!”

IELE Virtual Machine:

This dedicated VM of Cardano provides the foundation for its Blockchain protocol by executing smart contracts. VM is aiming to overcome the security and correctness concerns which took place while Solidity smart contracts in Ethereum. Also, the developers will be able to access a human-readable language through IELE VM, as the publication from reads.

IELE allows the developers write the smart contracts in any programming language while the code compilation will be done with the help of “correct by construction” compiler, which is able to discover more number of errors when compared to other VMs.

A Twitterati named v abdi‏ says:

“great! this is awesome”

Phil Matias, a blockchain enthusiast commented:

“Wohoo! I have been waiting for this day! Go Cardano…..”

Apart from this development, Cardano’s team decided to deliver surface languages which allowed developers to easily integrate smart contracts to their applications including JavaScript, Python, and other languages.

As reported by the IOHK team, the development of IELE language and its VM has been completed. The complete integration of VM into Cardano will provide a Blockchain to store and retrieve data. The IELE Testnet is currently available for all the programmers to create and execute smart contracts on the official IOHK Testnet site along with the Mallet and Remix tools.