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Charles Hoskinson Thoughts about Cardano’s Future
Editorial Team

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO and Co-Founder of Cardano, spoke about his vision about Cardano (ADA) during a session with EMURGO, Cardano’s Blockchain start-up incubator. According to a report from, the CEO of Cardano stated that he would love to see Cardano as the first trillion dollar cryptocurrency in the space.

He stated:

“I would love to see Cardano as the first trillion dollar cryptocurrency and the reason being is that that would effectively mean that we have built a self-sustaining economy.”

He continued saying that Cardano is longer like Bitcoin where users sell BTC when price hikes and exchange it for Euros and Dollars. He further added that he would like to see Cardano to be used by people in restaurants and pay in currency.

Charles said:

“I would love to see ADA achieve that level of prominence or currencies connected to ADA achieve that level of prominence because then it basically means that we built a private system that has built-in consistency and fair rules for everybody in the world, not just for the people who happen to be very privileged.”

Charles Hoskinson spoke also about EMURGO, a part of the Cardano project that aims to develop, support and incubate commercial ventures on the Cardano ecosystem. According to the report, he is hoping that the firms would become a thought-leader which identifies applications, services both on the smart contract side and the enterprise side and addresses core problems of decentralization.

He said that if EMURGO solves problems like corruption, abuse, and fraud, then it would create a ‘Me Too’ movement. He wished EMURGO finds a way to lead the ecosystem in that direction and find great ventures to invest in and create entrepreneurs to invest in who will be able to raise everybody up and will serve as a wonderful example.

Sicuro_crypto, a Redditor says:

“At max supply that’s $22 per ADA! +12,840% from .17c. I have every hope in Charles, such a great visionary….I could listen to him all day!”

Barbara Taylor, a Youtuber says:

“I’m so excited to see all of his brilliant visions come to life! He is SO amazing!”