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The Pioneers Of Blockchain Sail Where Few Have Trod. They Test The Waters First, And Often Catch The Early Waves That Become Winners

A Little Prequel…

Did you know that in the 1849 San Francisco Gold Rush, miners took more than 750,000 pounds of solid gold?
The gold rush, which had begun with few isolated occurrences in the Sacramento Valley in 1848, quickly became identified for what it was: one of the biggest economic opportunity to happen in the world in centuries.

By 1949, some 100,000 miners and explorers had moved into the valley to mine for gold.
All in all, they took gold worth more than $2 Billion dollars, a staggering amount for those days.
Miners who had made good in the Gold Rush spurred investment in other industries, becoming wealthy landowners or automobile industrialists. According to historians, the legacy of the Gold Rush was to create new industries and markets that impacted the entire world economy.

Show Me The Oil
But if the amount of opportunity in the Gold Rush excites you, you ain’t seen nothing yet. In 1859, the discovery of oil along a watery creek in Titusville, Pennsylvania led to the Pennsylvania Oil Rush of 1859.

The oil discovery came when Colonel Edwin L. Drake, a wildcatter, struck rock oil in the Oil Creek Valley.
News of the discovery brought a rush of drillers, wildcatters and new arrivals eager for their share of the action. Titusville and nearby towns expanded rapidly with the surge of new arrivals, and oil wells and refineries sprang up everywhere.

Oil shot up to become one of the most valuable commodities in the U.S. Due to the boom, boom towns around the Oil Creek Valley were so densely packed that it was impossible to distinguish the borders where one town ended and another began. But the Oil Boom had a lasting and profound economic impact on the area. At the peak of the Oil Boom, Pennsylvania wells were producing 33% of all the world’s oil.

We did the heavy lifting. Now Synthium’s SHP token is here. Your opportunity to ride a blockchain ICO to the top.
Enter the blockchain, this distributed ledger technology promises to upend old business models and usher in new ones. Synthium is a healthcare  startup with an all-new token, SHP, that revolutionizes the healthcare supplies market by way of implementing the blockchain technology to help with the much-needed visibility and transparency in this sector

A team of captains of industry led by CEO Vijay Reddy is putting you to play in a multi-billion-dollar healthcare supply chain industry.
How much do you think you need to take advantage of this opportunity?


No! You can get in for as low as a $5,000 dollar purchase of the SHP token.

Tokens you get now will become much more valuable as the platform’s unit of trade and transaction settling. You will be able to sell tokens later at current market prices or buy additional ones.

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Think of this as your own Gold Rush on Synthium Health. Our thank you for believing in us. Together, we will dominate the future of blockchain inside the multibillion dollar healthcare supplies market.
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