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Will Next Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Occur in Coming November?
Editorial Team

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network is scheduled for a protocol upgrade on November 15. Notably, the network’s changes have been so far classified as “recommendations” and not “a consensus” by the community.

The recommended changes are summarized as follows:

When the median time past [1] of the most recent 11 blocks (MTP-11) is greater than or equal to UNIX timestamp 1542300000, Bitcoin Cash will execute an upgrade of the network consensus rules according to this specification. Starting from the next block these consensus rules changes will take effect:

  • Remove topological transaction order constraint, and enforce canonical transaction order
  • Enforce minimum transaction size
  • Enforce “push only” rule for scriptSig
  • Enforce “clean stack” rule

At the centre of the dispute inside the Bitcoin Cash “Civil War” is the crypto mining giant of Bitmain Technologies Ltd led by co-founder, Jihan Wu, according to Bloomberg. On the other side is rival mining firm of CoinGeek led by billionaire Calvin Ayre.

As the date of the upgrade is coming, both mining giants are rallying behind a different software upgrade.

According to Bitmain, the new network should allow developers to issue tokens on the network like how Ethereum does it. Also, the company is for the idea of a token burn and Roger Ver has been backing it.

On the other side, CoinGeek is rallying behind a different software upgrade called Bitcoin SV, for Satoshi Visio, which was launched by Craig Wright’s nChain this August and involves reverting back to some technical features of original Bitcoin Network. It would also quadruple BCH’s maximum block size to 128 megabytes.

Rog Ver has been disappointed by the lack of consensus as for the upgrade date approaches and the attitude of Wright to the whole situation. This is after Craig Wright left the Bangkok Miners Summit of 2018 that was meant to resolve some of the issues.

Both sides of the argument have stated their wish to list their version of the digital asset as Bitcoin Cash on the various exchanges. Without a consensus and the software upgrade date slowly approaching, the only possible solution will be a hard fork to resolve the dispute.

To sum up, the time is limited for Bitcoin Cash community to decide on which software upgrade to embrace. If there is no consensus by then, the only option will be a hard fork that leaves each side happy with their own digital asset. However, this might be the beginning of disputes given that the name “Bitcoin Cash” will again be in the centre of different sides.