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Whopper Coin Launch -Burger King –
Editorial Team

Burger King in Russsia has launched its own Cryptocurrency called WhopperCoin. The whopper coin will be rewarded to customers who are buying Whopper Sandwich. Whopper Coin transactions are transacted through Ethereum distributed Digital network. The Whoppercoin are hosted on a platform called Waves. Once the customer has enough coins they can exchange for the buying of burgers. The coins are allowed for transfer and it can be even traded online. The customers can sell them to the new customers. So Whopper coins also become a new investment avenue and very innovative from Burger King. One billion Whopper coin have been released till today and the currency is stored in digital currency till customers redeem it for Burger. The calculations goes like this “For every 1,700 Whoppercoins, they’ll score a free burger”. Burger King Russia will also release an App in Apple Store and Google play. This will make Whoppercoin easier to transfer and transact.