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Ver: Select BCH for payments into Major Merchants like Walmart
Editorial Team

According to the major proponent of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork, wallet users will be able to spend BCH at outlets such as Walgreens, Walmart, Safeway, and Home Depot. This was also confirmed by the same person on Reddit to be true.

As the CEO of site, he was asked about the future steps of it. He replied that revealed that one step on its agenda was integrating privacy features onto the wallet. This was so that Blockchain analytics could not be performed on transactions from the software, leading to greater privacy with BCH transactions.

Speaking to, he further stated:

“Another major thing we have is where you’ll be able to spend Bitcoin cash in just about every single major merchant in the entire United States like Walgreens, Walmart, Safeway, Home Depot, all these major merchants in the United States”

He also said that the users of this payment solution will be able to get a 1% discount by the end of this year only for Bitcoin Cash users. The last created a lot of speculation among r/BTC subreddit members, who spoke about how it could be implemented.

KosniousBCH, a user on the platform, speculated that it could be a gift card system where the cards are sold for BCH and then used to transact at these locations and that the retailers would see their gift card usage “spike like crazy.”

TorusJKL, another user, stated:

“Maybe they work with the POS software vendor to include BCH payments in their product.”

To this, Roger Ver, who has the username u/memory dealers on Reddit, responded “This”. His reply implies that the route taken to implement BCH payments in prominent retailers is at a more grassroots level, targeting point-of-sale software vendors.

This could definitely be a step forward in the adoption for BCH, as hundreds of millions of transactions to be conducted at these locations. Walmart alone has 270 million weekly customers, with Home Depot processing over 389 million customer transactions in 4 months.