Upcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange is Going Live Today

Upcoin is a secure, fast, and convenient cryptocurrency exchange that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, tokens, and fiat currency trading, which will be live today.

Before the launching campaign of Upcoin, they had a series of closed interviews with 400 traders of beginners, intermediaries, and professionals to discover challenges experienced on cryptocurrency exchanges. The new platform according to the results of the survey needs to provide traders a safe and convenient environment for trading and also a fast executing platform.

Upcoin managed to have over 400K registrations in 6 days, proving that investors are pleased with the features presented by the platform.

Here are some significant advantages of the Upcoin platform over its competitors:

Upcoin provide support to a wide range of coins on their platform. Specifically, as their goal is to have over a thousand, the Upcoin platform will list the top 100 coins from launch and gradually will add up many others.

Upcoin is promising to be at top speed no matter where their platform is pulled up. The robust server guarantees “next to none” waiting time all over the world and the servers in different regions, the speed will not be a challenge any more.

As security was, is and will be a priority issue, the strategies used on the platform has been audited by independent security experts, making it well pr0otected. In the second quarter of after the launch period, more security features will go live and there will be a private bounty program at HACKRONE, where their team would pay white hat hackers to test the system for security breaches. The Upcoin team will continuously confirm improvements on the platform. Upcoin will have 97% of traders’ funds in cold storage, making them unavailable to cybercriminals.

The system developed by the Upcoin’s team of professionals will be extremely easy to be used, as it will be easy to be understood by both beginners and professional traders.

Upcoin is expected to respond to user queries within a day, in contrast to other platforms’ responses of weeks or months.

Lastly, traders are not just only giving the advantage of buying and selling like every other platform. On Upcoin, users can set the limit, market, trailing stop, stop o0rder, stop limit, immediate or cancel orders. And all these will be placed even without professional guidance.

The better testing phase started February1, 2018 and ended February 28, 2018. The platform launches, March 1, 2018, after the beta uis officially completed and all changes have been made. Deposit to the platform and real-time trading will commence immediately.