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Tron announced a loan of $100.000 to support R&D
Editorial Team

Justin Sun, the Founder of Tron Foundation announced a Tron loan of $100.000 to “Discovery of Your Brilliance” without having made any prior announcement.

According to the Twitter announcement, this loan is to show support to the community and expand the Tron ecosystem. In fact, Tron will be distributing the $100.000 loan too developers to resolve the budget shortage and subsequently support R&D and operations.

The loan will be provided within 6-24 hours for projects based on DApps, high-quality utility applications etc. In case of a new round of financing is completed by the project, the loan can be repaid by converting the equivalent amount in equity at 80% of the company’s renewed valuation amount or it can be repaid through USD or mainstream digital asset within the first 18 months without interest. Furthermore, Tron will not reproach unsuccessful entrepreneurship.

Everyone interest in the loan can apply for it on the official email id of Tron loan by giving the description of the product, project achievement including the links and APKs.

Roy Mikes, Author of says:


“This is brilliance and awesome at the same time. Give developers the opportunity to develop great things.”

Mallace, a Twitter user says:

“Nice so this is where our money is going. Please discover your brilliance first”

Erik Vaughn, a TRX and LTC enthusiast says:

“Tron keeps getting better! Don’t wait, become a TRON  supporter today!”

Paulie FXR, a full-time trader and a car fanatic says:

“Justin is absolutely smashing the granny out of the crypto market! This journey hasn’t even begun”

Karla Joseph, a cryptocurrency trader, and investor says:

“Ah! So by providing the loan, you are actually planning on securing the equity shares of all the key companies around the globe. Interesting!”

Mark Anthon, a TRX investor says:

“That’s a lot of money for a project. I wonder how many projects will be getting the loan.”