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Traffic Junky partners with Verge Coin
Editorial Team

After a deal with Pornhub, Verge cryptocurrency (XVG) has attracted a lot of attention in the crypto market.

Not only lure traders, but also huge advertisement firms, among which the leading online Ad Network like Traffic Junky which offers advertisers grade A quality web content and mobile and tablet traffic to help Publishers boost their online revenue.

It is important to clarify that Traffic Junky is a well-established affiliate marketing company with Pornhub. As a result, it was not a surprise that they implemented the same payment as the parental company. As a result, this will improve and accelerate settling payments with Pornhub. We cannot forget that Verge is anonymous, faster than Bitcoin and it can process many more transactions within a block. The partnership was a natural consequence as Pornhub happens to be a major affiliate brand for Traffic Junky network. The partnership was confirmed via their Twitter account verifying that advertisers would be able to deposit funds in their accounts using the Verge coins.

Traffic Junky has approximately over four billion daily impressions, according to Cosmic Bitcoin News. Consequently, it is major for Verge cryptocurrency this collaboration because they have just enabled XVG payment option. Lastly, the Verge’s volume is expected to spike within the few coming weeks