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The Launch of VeChain Main Net At the End of June
Editorial Team

The Q2 2018 will be a hot quarter for the crypto-verse as many cryptocurrency projects will be releasing the Main Net versions of their individual Blockchain networks. Tron [TRX] has planned to launch its Main Net on the 31th of May. EOS [EOS] has scheduled to release EOSIO 1.0 during the first days of June, and more possibly on June 3. And now, VeChain [VEN] has announced that its Main Net to be launched at the end of June, with the exact day has not been yet announced.

The project s is planning on first releasing a Public Alpha Test that will combine several reputable third party cyber security and code auditors ranging from private firms to esteemed firms. Furthermore, the VeChain Foundation would like to vet and approve 100 public testers.

The VeChain Foundation will be accepting an application for the Public Alpha Test of the VeChainThor Blockchain, from May until early June. The 100 selected participants will be chosen in that way to have a strong background in cybersecurity, enterprise software development, Blockchain development, enterprise application testing or other suitable experience and skill sets. Bounties will be delivered to these participants for their work while working together with the VeChain Blockchain team will gain crucial insights on the upcoming improvements.

In early June, the code will be opened up to the public by the VeChain Foundation and simultaneously the Public Beta Test will begin in which all community members will be able to test the Blockchain and wallets. The Public Beta will last until the launch of mainnet at the end of June.

The timetable towards the launch is as follows:

  • 2017 – Mid-April 2018: Development Completed
  • Mid-April – Mid May, Alpha 1.0
  • Mid-May – Early June, Alpha 2.0
  • Early-June – End of June, Beta/Public testing, Source Code Open
  • End Of June – Mainnet Launch

Currently, the value of VeChain is $5.21 and is up 0.89% in 24 hours. Nevertheless, looking carefully the token’s performance for the last one month, we can see a tremendous increment, especially if we notice its recent lowest price of $2.18 on Apri9l 10. VeChain is up 139% since April 1, and it is expected the Main Net launch to produce more gains.