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TenX added LTC and upgraded Blockfolio
Editorial Team

TenX added support for Litecoin on the TenX wallet app for both iOS and Android.

To succeed a slower adoption rate while TenX finalizes live testing, this was released without an announcement almost a week ago. Going forward, TenX continues its process for new coin integrations to ensure both stability and wide availability.

Also, nit was announced a new partnership. After working with the Litecoin Foundation, the introduction of a co-branded card for which more information will be available soon will be launched. TenX hopes to become the preferred payment platform for enthusiasts and owners of Litecoin.

The PAY token is now a default coin shown within the portfolio section of the Blockfolio app — although this change will only show for new users/fresh installs.

Blockfolio provides complete cryptocurrency management, with easy to handle tools to watch cryptocurrencies investments. Detailed price and market information for individual currencies and their entire portfolio all in one place are available for users.

As a user drill down by tapping on the PAY token, he will see at the bottom “Team Updates”, where TenX related announcements are available in the app when a user selects the PAY token. TenX is really excited about being one of the few companies Blockfolio chose to permit access to this new feature while they test and refine it. This lets the platform to communicate to PAY token holders/watchers directly within the Blockfolio app which has almost 100,000 users subscribed to the PAY token updates.

“We’re excited to work with TenX as one of the teams participating in the Blockfolio Signal pilot. Blockfolio Signal provides industry leaders like Dr. Julian Hosp the ability to broadcast updates directly to their token base free of noise, delivering to the unique needs of our ecosystem.”, said Edward Moncada, CEO of Blockfolio.