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Nathan Hunt
Nathan Hunt has served on the Board of Directors of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association since 1996. He was Chairman of CERBA’s National Board of Directors from 2009 through 2013 and Chairman of the Moscow Chapter of CERBA from September 2001 to the present. Since 1996 he has been employed as Director of the Russian Office of the Canadian brokerage Ronald A. Chisholm Limited. Over the past ten years he has served as full partner or investor in numerous European ventures connected with real estate, residential construction, hospitality, film/TV production, science, and the food industry. Hunt’s US-based holdings include HunTel Engineering, a Nebraska corporation specializing in fiber optics engineering for LECs and internet service providers in middle America. A second company HunTel Security sells/installs industrial security systems, while a third, HunTel Communications, markets customer premises equipment for corporate voice/data networks and is largest reseller for telecom giant Mitel Networks in its region. Hunt’s has served as General Manager and CEO of since the company’s inception.