Several Greek Universities will use Cardano’s Blockchain Technology
Editorial Team

Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency that overgrew in the last months of the previous year. Cardano has to present a new achievement. The Cardano’s Blockchain will be now used by several Greek Universities to upload diplomas data privately. Therefore, universities’ students will be able to prove their qualifications among other possibilities in an efficient way.

Cardano being more than a cryptocurrency operates as a network able to run different applications from several fields such as finance and educational purposes. As a result, several governments and organizations tend to use the technology, which is growing continually. As an example, these Greek universities will allow the PoS Blockchain system to keep on growing.

The Greek national research and educational network GRNET will collaborate with a blockchain company called IOHK to register and verify students’ and university’s documents. Particularly, the student’s diplomas and qualifications will be added to Cardano’s blockchain.

For the development of an application, a private iteration of Cardano will be used. For the protection of privacy, the membership on the platform will not be public. These universities are part of the European Union’s research and innovation program Horizon 2020, and the EU is one of the funding parts of the project.

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Democritus University of Thrace and the Athens University of Economics and Business will be part of this project. The addition of more universities to the program is an intention of the GRNET. The benefits of this implementation will be the reduction of fraud, the decrease in issuing times, the reduction of bureaucracy, and the simplification of the entire verification process.

A few week ago, this altcoin entered the top ten list of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. At press time, Cardano is at the fifth position by market cap with a substantial amount of $26 billion. Back in November 2017, Cardano was worth $0.02, while some days ago reached $1.28, presenting a surge of 6,400 percent