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Ripple’s Head of Research Elected to An Important Federal Reserve Taskforce
Editorial Team

According to, Ripple’s Head of Research on the Business Development team, Ryan Zagone, is elected to the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is a 16 member team to represent the working group’s numerous stakeholders.

This task force was begun back in 2015 by the Federal Reserve. It has focused on establishing goals and attributes of more effective faster payment systems, suggesting solutions and evaluating their capability to succeed those targets and championing the payment industry to move towards the implementation and adoption of faster payment capabilities. Its vision is to see different stakeholders collaborating to realize the vision of a faster, ubiquitous, broadly inclusive, safe, highly secure and efficient payment system in the US by 2020.

The task force has already met 252 times through regular meetings and teleconferences and has spent over 120,000 hours doing so, according to The number of participants is currently 321. But why Zagone’s election as a member of the steering committee is a major step not only for Ripple but also the payment system envisioned by the task force? The answer is that Zagone will be a voice of the technology and non-bank service provider sector.

Ryan Zagone at Ripple works with banks, financial institutions, regulators and the central banks the firm has collaborated by now. This experience makes Zagone the best candidate for relaying his experience with respect to improving banking infrastructure and accelerating faster payment settlements’ adoption globally.

Ryan has said about his election:

“It’s a privilege to be selected. I look forward to leveraging Ripple’s global experience as the taskforce assess ways to increase speed, efficiency, access to, and competition in payments.

I will continue Ripple Labs’ constructive approach in working with peers, bank partners, and the broader financial industry—including NACHA, IPFA, and the W3C.

Above all, I am committed to being an open and inclusive presence on the task force, representing the priorities and concerns of fellow non-bank service providers.”

We should express our congratulations to Ryan Zagone and the entire Ripple Company on this achievement.