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Ref Token: A “battle” which rewards traders with 5000 REF
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Apparently, every single cryptocurrency rising in the market attempts to give a solution to an existing problem or offer end users an opportunity, In these lines, we will elaborate the idea behind the creation of RefToken and the worth-to-investment value on it. Well, RefToken (REF) is a decentralized affiliate marketing platform based on smart contracts and Blockchain technology that aspires to bring DAP and Blockchain-based products to the mainstream. Simply speaking, RefToken is designed to help the increasing number of people building apps and even future-based Blockchains with the marketers and brands which will easily push their projects or apps go mainstream. While many other tokens issued in 2017, the REF tokens are meant to be purchased by merchants and then held in escrow by RefToken to ensure that adequate funds will be available for the payment of the affiliates for their services. Soon after the tokens’ conversion has been completed, the predetermined number of tokens will be paid into the affiliate’s wallet instantly. In the event that the balance in escrow runs low, the smart contact pauses itself until funds are replenished. When an affiliate wants to withdraw, he can instantly convert their REF tokens to a fiat linked stable coin. Once the exchange is completed, RefToken will release it back to the markets at a rate that the tokens long-term value. A stable coin is required as ad networks such as Google AdWords, Facebook, etc., are ultimately paid for in fiat currency.

The existing Affiliate Marketing Model

According to RefToken, the existing Affiliate Marketing Model is characterized by multiple inefficiencies. To begin with, the propensity of affiliate fraud is high. RefToken intends to reduce fraud in the Affiliate Marketing industry using self-enforcing and self-executing contracts, preventing the execution of fraud by all involved in the contract parties. Moreover, through the current practices, the affiliates receive their payment in delay due to the monthly payments circles. As it mentions above, RefToken intends to be issuing instant payments to affiliates once a smart contract is satisfied.  Moreover, there are cases where rogue brands rescind commissions and operational issues such as chargebacks causing disputes between brands and affiliates, something that RefToken wants to eliminate.

Why is the idea behind RefToken brilliant?                                   

  • RefToken will provide transaction with the appropriate level of transparency and efficiency letting brands and publishers concentrate on maximizing growth, acting unrestrained from concerns of malpractice by the other party.
  • RefToken will provide contracting parties the chance to develop a profound, long-term, and mutually profitable commercial relationship.
  • RefToken will provide affiliate market a gold standard for Blockchain performance marketing stemming from the ten-year experience of its team.
  • RefToken will provide common ground for the participants eliminating disputes through the governing of smart contracts.
  • RefToken will provide an immutable audit trail that allows brands to audit and hold affiliates accountable for fraudulent behavior.
  • RefToken will provide affiliates on-time, automatic and instant commission payments, eliminating defaults and cash flow issues.

How has RefToken performed after the ICO?

RefToken is meant to be officially launched in 2019, as the development team is currently working on some significant issues. Soon after the setting of these issues, the platform will go live. In the ICO implemented back to  November 2017, the price was set at 100 REF for 1 ETH, with the team aiming at a future token price of 50 REF for every ETH.

As of 13th March 2018, the price of REF was $20.15 and the volumes moved stood at around $137.017.REF’s market cap started at zero and still remains that way to date since the developers intend to launch the coin in 2019. Here, we have to mention the cumulative return that ICO investors enjoy to date. According to CoinMarketCap, the token started to trade at $7.09 and at time press the price stands at $20.24, offering a cumulative yield of 185% to ICO investors.

CoinFalcon Battles and RefToken

On March 5, CoinFalcon announced its partnership with RefToken to list REF on its BTC and ETH pairs as well as a REF giveaway in the form of its trade competition product Battles. There have been left only 5 days from the CoinFalcon Battle on RefToken. The REF Battle rewards 5,000 REF to the top 100 traders by volume, trading REF on BTC or ETH markets. REF Battle will be lasting 14 days.

You can register for CoinFalcon’s trading account following this link: CoinFalcon


RefToken is an ambitious, well-organized project aiming at revolutionizing the Affiliate Marketing industry in both performance and relational level. The experienced developer’s team designs with cautious and responsibility the further steps of the project, securing the success and the profitability of it. According to them, RefToken is more than a whitepaper or an idea, it is a manageable revolution. The up-to-date price movement, on the other hand, has been proved particularly profitable for the early birds. However, it is never late for a thorough estimation of an investment in RefToken. For already active traders, the CoinFalcon Battle would be an excellent opportunity to “fight” for 5, 000 REF within a 14-day amusing “battle until death” of trading.

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