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CoinMarketCap partners with KindAds
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Hot news has surfaced on August 3 from CoinMarketCap. The popular cryptocurrency price and market cap tracker announced that in addition to accepting for ads in BTC and ETH (and fiat), they will now also accept payments for ads in Kind Tokens.

CoinMarketCap is ad-supported as an effort to provide users with the most accurate and up-to-date data on crypto. However, the relevance and suitability of the ads is a demand for the platform, which has spent a great deal of time confirming the ads relevant to optimize user experience and ads performance through best practices.

According to the announcement of CoinMarketCap, they have been evaluating many interesting advertising-based Blockchain projects in an attempt to improve on their strategy and involve their users in understanding their needs. The criteria have been the better user experience offered by the project and the possibility of a future reward as part of advertising ecosystems – searching for the true spirit of Blockchain.

The most relevant solution proved to be the Kind Ads project. Kind Ads is a decentralized ad network platform that seeks to make the online ad experience more pleasant for all those involved, providing more revenue for publishers with high-quality ads, fewer fees for advertisers and more effective and less intrusive for the users, cutting out the middleman’s cost at the same time.  Its mission is to make the Internet more “kind” by making online advertising more relevant to end users. This found a connection point to CoinMarketCap’s vision.

“At Kind Ads, our goal is to make the Internet more kind. We are doing this by removing the middlemen, which will lead publishers to be compensated fairly and advertisers won’t have to pay ridiculous fees. And best of all, you the user will also get a piece of the advertising pie by sharing your data”, said Neil Patel one of the top advisors for this project.

The major advantages of Kind Ads Project are the following:

  • Kind Ads will show users more relevant ads through channels like email marketing and push notifications.

  • Users will be able to specify the exact usage of their data and how their data could be incentivized more to allow access via a tokenized rewards pool.

  • Kinds Ads ecosystem will allow publishers to easily sell access to their subscribers directly to advertisers.

  • Advertisers will be able to find the publishers based on subscriber quality and run campaign with confidence.

  • The tokenized rewards pool is allocated on a daily basis to publishers, users and app partners.


One of the strongest innovations of the project is the reputation system that they have developed which measures the quality of publishers and gives advertisers an indication of the potential value of a user base. The name of the reputation system is Kind Ads Score and is calculated based on the effectiveness of past campaigns with these publishers have been and with data from tools like Google Analytics.

The KIND token is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Instead of taking fees, the business model of Kind Ads is that 85% of all ad dollars go to the publishers and the remaining 15% is allocated by Kind Ads to their reward pool which benefits the users and app partners.

Resuming from the Whitepaper:

“Users will be able to specify exactly how they allow their data to be used and will be incentivized to grant publishers (and advertisers) more access via token rewards. As an example, a user who grants the publisher the right to let a third party advertiser market to them would be rewarded with more tokens than a user who grants the publisher only the right to market to them directly with no third party marketing allowed.”

CoinMarketCap platform is a synonym of reliability for crypto enthusiasts and investors. The recognition of the value of Kind Ads project consists of a major stop for the entire online advertising industry and a new promising page for the Blockchain-related projects into the crypto-era.

Kind Ads was set up with a simple mission of creating the first genuine middleman free online advertising marketplace of the 21st century. With $20 million in funding and an experienced team, Kind Ads desires to transfer the power from advertising middlemen to producers, advertisers and end-users. CoinMarketCap as a milestone in the crypto community could be the best co-worker to that effort.