GAMB is a self-governed and decentralized ecosystem for e-commerce, driven by smart contracts, enhanced by open source development and empowered by the first Global Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain. This revolutionary concept is backed by GAMBIO - the #1 e-commerce software provider in Germany.
Start Date
July 01 2018
End Date
July 29 2018
Start Bonus
Funding Goal
Commerce & Advertising
Luis Krug

Mr. Krug one of Europe's e-Commerce pioneers, having started his first company at age 25. Founder of Redcoon, e-commerce project that invoiced over 500.000.000 € annual turnover, Mr. Krug knows how to start and scale e-commerce related projects. He has also participated in Rebelio, BuyVip and Pixmania. Further, since 2003 he runs the technological Incubator INCUBOUT out of Barcelona, having invested in more than 15 digital startups. His current portfolio includes projects such as Kinoheld.de, Edit.org and Comandia.com.

Andre Münnich

Andre acts as CFO of the Gambio Holding. He is responsible for the overall financial performance and investor relations as well as cash management. He is in charge of accounting, taxation and audit of the Group. Before Gambio André was co-founder and CEO of fayteq AG, a tech company from Germany, which he sold to facebook Inc. in 2017. As CEO of Rapid Venture Accounting André was involved in numerous IPOs, business combinations and IFRS reports. André has also worked in the banking sector with Dresdner Bank AG. André holds a master degree in Business Administration from University of Technology Ilmenau.

Emrah Hizarci

Mr. Hizarci is one of Europe's lead e-commerce tech guys having built several e-commerce frameworks that have processes over 1.5 billion EURO annual turnover. Currently, he is partner at the technological incubator and framework builder INCUBOUT. Mr. Hizarci is the lead architect behind the SaaS based software frameworks Comandia (www.comandia.com), Shopator (www.shopator.com) and Yeebah (www.yeebah.com); who together host over 22.000 online shops. He holds Bachelor in Computer Science from Marmara University.