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Crypto Improvement Fund

Crypto Improvement Fund

Last update of this project: 21.09.2017

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Category: Art & Music
Whitelist of investors: No
KYC of investors: No
Goal of funding (Soft cap): USD
Goal of funding (Hard cap): USD
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Airdrop program: No
Bounty program: No
Have escrow agent: No
Have working prototype: No
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Bringing the world of blockchain to the world of business. From Home Depot to Wal-Mart. Although we see our goals as ambitious, we have set the task upon ourselves of attempting to break these barriers and bring cryptocurrency to the next level. Crypto has a long way to grow and CIF can help with propelling it forward.The Crypto Improvement Fund is a community project based out of Toronto, Canada - focused on increasing awareness of cryptocurrency and making cryptocurrency more accessible to businesses. Our main focus will be educating businesses on cryptocurrency - addressing FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) concerning certain regulatory and compliance issues, demonstrating value, showcasing ROI and alleviating existing pain points. This project will be implemented in an attempt to ameliorate existing business processes all through the use of cryptocurrency and the concept of decentralized ledger. The project has attracted tenured experts in various fields who are ready to engage businesses and role out our program. We will incent businesses to incorporate cryptocurrency into their existing ecosystem (eCommerce or otherwise) by offering them CIF as a reward for doing so. There will be full software suite incorporated into this project, allowing the Crypto Improvement Fund to become an all encompassing entity for on-boarding and enabling business adoption of cryptocurrency.

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