CallPage ICO

CallPage platform will become Uber for customer support industry powered by blockchain.Through our blockchain-powered CallPage platform, independent customer support operators could provide companies with call proceeding services in exchange for CallCoin tokens, without traditional middleman institutions taking a margin, but using Smart contracts, based on the Ethereum, which are concluded between the company-customer and executor of work. Our mission is to tokenize customer support and sales industry and to create the revolution in terms of corporations and their outsourced call operators. We are offering a comprehensive search solution with the ability to conclude contracts between the business customer and independent call operator, as well as a platform for training and monitoring the performance of executors, previously specified in the contract, and coin as a mean of payment for the work done.
Start Date
September 01 2018
End Date
September 30 2018
Start Bonus
Presale 35% off; first stage 20% off, second stage 10% off, third stage 5% off
Funding Goal
Our goal is to tokenize customer support and sales industry, and to create revolution in terms of corporations and their outsourced call operators;
Ross Knap

Ross is a serial entrepreneur and consultant with experience in both IT and traditional sectors (Services, Management Consulting). Graduated from Warsaw School of economics, Cracow University of Economics and Strasbourg Business School. Winner of the UPC Think Big and Audi Digital Innovation Award. In 2017 entered the ranking “Top 20 European entrepreneurs before 30” according to EU Startups magazine.