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Potential of Crypto Markets – $ 5 Trillion in 2025
Editorial Team

The report Published by LA Tokens Research team outlines that the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies can reach $5 trillion by 2025. However the growth will be driven by the asset backed tokens. Current wallet Size is $ 9835.  The report states that the average wallet size will be $ 12000 by the year 2025 bringing total capitalization to $ 5 Trillion. The most important aspect is the demand for cryptocurrencies will be driven by the less volatile asset cryptocurrencies. The assets can vary from equities, real estate, commodities and even Art. Currently the crypto assets are volatile and so investors invest the same back to hard assets.  Few examples of the tokens to asset backing are Tether ( Linked to USD),  Digix ( Linked to Precious metals). In future more cryptocurrencies will provide better investment avenues with greater asset backed stability.