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Online Poker reaches a new Era
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For many, poker is gamble! But would you leave your deposits or winnings in luck?

Acebusters developer’s passion for poker and crypto gave birth to a revolutionary solution to the inefficiencies of the current online poker industry. Traditional online poker platforms have been accused in the past of bank fraud and money laundering, maximizing rate by unfair shuffling, personal data exploitation, unreasonable closing of successful transactions, lack of a friendly user interface, and limitations in players jurisdiction over betting liquidity and opponents selection.

The above features point to the unreliability of the players’ accounts and funds, which under the present scheme posing as a trust of a third party, thus increasing the operational and regulatory compliance costs. A ready-made answer to these is Acebusters decentralized online platform, the Acebusters Dapp.

Acebuster Dapp upgrades users experience excluding any third party that is diligent of their funds. It is based on the open limitless Ethereum blockchain, and its foundations are summarized to profitability, security, and accessibility.

  • Profitability – because Ethereum will let a massive population of players create the largest liquidity pool ever seen, giving a chance for low-rake and high-profit games.
  • Security – because players will autonomously select the wallet software and bankroll, control their bankroll, and have a peer review of smart contracts by the reputable service provider.
  • Accessibility – because anyone can be a player. Geographical and time borders or traditional platforms set, are left out, as no program installation is required. Also, no time-consuming initial access is required.

But here comes the biggest trait: Acebusters Dapp is READY for betting!
You can test the product here

Acebusters team up to now is launching a crowdsale to finance the completion of their development roadmap and the decentralization of Dapp operations. The team does not stay in Whitepapers, but acts swiftly and methodically!

The primary concern of the group is to create a climate of confidence with players and investors. The team strategy is retaining a few tokens. During the gradual spread, it will gain a better bid for these tokens, attracting high-quality investors. Their common goal is a sustainable growth path, and it is still possible to group resign group when the Dapp governance process is well developed.