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Oceanus Foundation ICO review
Editorial Team has reviewed the upcoming Oceanus Foundation’s ICO .

The world as we know it relies on the international shipping industry as the backbone of economic growth. Shipping is central to modern life. As of today, approximately 90% of global trade relies on the maritime shipping, and 95% of all
manufactured goods are moved by the container shipping industry. The industry itself is worth more than 1 trillion dollars annually, yet it is facing an unpredictable future. Factors that contribute most to the instability include
overcapacity, ferocious competition from industry titans, outdated control systems, and a sharp decrease in attributable fees and rates. Even with growing demand, there are many challenges facing the shipping industry. Shipping companies face strong competition and decreasing fees and rates. At the same time, they are under greater scrutiny than ever, from regulators, and importantly from customers. In a connected world, customers are demanding ever greater traceability, transparency and accountability for freight.

CEO Oceanus Foundation

Nikolaos Kostopoulos CEO

All this sets up the perfect storm for the industry. Blockchain, specifically distributed ledger technology (DLT) has a unique opportunity to step in and facilitate solutions to the challenges of the industry. Transparency, a key feature of DLT, can form a big part of these solutions by automating traceability and thus accountability within the shipping industry’s logistical framework. More than this, it can provide the platform, technical and financial to drive innovation in the industry. There are many, sometimes scattered, groups applying blockchain and DLT in the shipping industry.. We present the Oceanus Foundation to create and oversee development of a community within the shipping industry. The backbone of this work will be a blockchain and token that allow the industry to reinvest in itself and return value to actors who make significant contributions to the community and industry.

What differentiates the Oceanus Coin from the all the other cryptocurrencies?

Christiana Zoupa COO

Oceanus Coin is the first coin that has created an inside circulation investing system by exploiting the global shipping industry via services who are going to revolutionize this domain, all the services are paid exclusively through the Oceanus Coin. With this way Oceanus Foundation establishes varied uses for its token and this is going to augment not only its demand but also its valuation. We are talking about an innovative blow-minding strategic that is going to “blockchain” the whole shipping industry.

How is Oceanus Foundation succeeding to “blockchain” the shipping industry ?

Oceanus Foundation aim is to create and oversee development of a community within the shipping industry. The backbone of this work will be a blockchain and token that allow the industry to reinvest in itself and return value to actors who make significant contributions to the community and industry.

This will be achieved by creating a set of tools promoting efficiency, reward for participation, innovation, seafarer training and welfare and last fostering maritime industry talent. Based to all these Oceanus Foundation will oversee the following Projects:

  • Ship Booking Trading Platform

a decentralized booking platform that connects small and medium sized shipping business to clients actively seeking to fulfil shipping contracts.It will also form the basis of an innovation platform on which further technologies can be built.

  • Startup Accelerator

a venture fund supporting startups in the shipping, maritime and port technologies. The fund will provide dedicated expertise with experience across the shipping and maritime industries – to provide insight and support to new ventures.

  • Hackathons

will be conducted in collaboration with industry leaders and groups traditionally outside the maritime sphere.

  • Seafarer Academy

Practical training courses will contain shipboard, shipyard and dockside training. Programs will be designed and conducted in collaboration with shipping, harbour and equipment providers to ensure practical and up to date training for the world’s seafaring workforce.

  • Maritime Studies College

Degree and post-graduate courses in all aspects of the maritime and shipping

industries. Particular focus on new technologies and maritime law.

All the services will be provided by accepting as a payment method Oceanus Coin. Which means while buying Oceanus Coin, your investment is going to be reinvested to the Shipping Industry and not thrown away to become useless as the rest of cryptocurrencies.

Nikolaos Kostopoulos comments exclusively for Our company will not make decisions based on short-term revenues or profits. Our strategies will be implemented with mission-driven, long-term development in mind. Our people, capital, technology and resources will be utilised to safeguard the sustainable development and growth of the Oceanus ecosystem. We welcome investors with the same long-term mindset.

You can find below the most important points you need to take into consideration :

  1. Oceanus foundation is an organisation founded to improve the overall shipping industry by creating an association of people and enterprises to address challenges and reduce costs related to the shipping industry.
  2. They focus on the pillars of people, process and technology aligned to shipping industry.
  3. The Oceanus technology platform facilitates companies with experts for building synergies to adapt to the current technological trends in the shipping industry.
  4. The platform will help drive commerce at a global scale seamlessly by utilizing the latest technology integrations
  5. The Oceanus trading platform is built on Blockchain and Distributer Ledger technology ( DLT Ledger)
  6. The platform offers trading and further innovations such as marketplace to match shipping offers and requests, Freight Tracking, Brokerage, and Logistics Dashboard
  7. The main aim of the platform is to provide real time solutions and support to all the players in the shipping world. The Foundation is the first blockchain entreprise planning to build a private college based in Greece to facilitate the education and training of the next generation of shipping executives
  8. Oceanus tech is currently offering a crowdsale for their Oceanus token
  9. The presale of the token comes with 25% reward bonus and is valid until  September  14th , while the ICO will start on September 15th.
  10. Oceanus token will help the foundation to reach its mission by empowering and rewarding the players in the shipping industry

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