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New Tron Social Network Decentralized App: TronChat launched
Editorial Team

Cryptocurrency giant Tron has just launched its social network called TronChat, a decentralized app (dApp) with money making characteristic.

According to a publication from, TronChat seems to give popular media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter a good run for their money, as it offers a wide range of functions.

Users with a great presence on those applications have learned to use their influence to make money mostly by helping people place averts on their pages or groups for a fee,

Now, with TronChat, the regular users can also make money.

It is created on the Blockchain and powered by the Tron (TRX) token. Combining the features of social media platforms with an upgrade mode, users will be able to send tokens to each other on TronChat.

The Tron team in its published post on its blog disclosed that they are trying to make possible what social media has not presented to their users; making money.

“Social media was never built for you to make money. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others were built for the sole purpose of generating profits for the platforms based on your user activity and personal data. TronChat was created to fix this paradigm, and allow users to make money from their everyday interactions with social media”, the post read.

According to the publication, TronChat will allow users to share contents, such as pictures, videos and audios. Additionally, a story-telling feature will be available. Nevertheless, the users will be able to monetize their contents, setting how much TRX tokens it would cost for other users to see their contents.

Furthermore, the Instant messaging feature will be also available on TronChat. Tokens can be attached to messages to entice the recipient.

Also, “direct update” will be available for the users to notify them when others update their feeds. Tokens can be attached to these updates as a rewarding for opening and completing surveys.

In the Chatrooms of the new app, the exchanging of tokens will be allowable and room creators can be tipped.

The app is almost completed. So users can download it soon!