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New Talent for IOTA Project!
Editorial Team

The talent pool of IOTA project has become bigger with the addition of French software engineer from Montpellier – Thibault Martinez. He will be involved in the entangled project where he would be utilizing his C++ experience to build IOTA further. This hiring is the third this month.

Martinez graduated with a BS and an MS in Computer Science from Epitech, Paris Graduate School of Digital Innovation. Before joining IOTA, he was a teacher and deputy head of studies at his alma mater for two years. He was introduced to the IOTA ecosystem in May 2017, and he had been developing the C++ library for the project since then.

On joining the IOTA Foundation officially, Martinez said:

“Being part of the IOTA ecosystem for more than a year has been an amazing experience for me. Diving into the protocol and core technologies while developing the C++ library for the community gave me a broad idea of its endless possibilities and applications. I am thrilled and honored to be given the opportunity to join the IOTA Foundation as it means working full time on exciting projects with extremely talented colleagues.”

The most recent addition of the IOTA Foundation, Daniela Faustino, who joined as the director of human resources, has more than 25 years of experience in managing various types of people.

Former Adobe, HP, LinkedIn, and Cisco employee Cara Harbor joined the Foundation as the director of communication. She would play a major role in ensuring that the community receives all communication from IOTA.

Economist and entrepreneur Florian Doebler also joined IOTA recently. He is now the social impact and donor relations coordination at the IOTA Berlin headquarters. He has extensive experience in sustainable governance using innovation and institutions.

As the talented people in IOTA are increasing, the more significant the impact of the project is becoming on the community.