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New Crowdfunding for Flood Victims from Verge (XVG)
Editorial Team

Verge currency has solely dependent on its family through the time – the VergeFam, receiving much support from its family whenever it needs it. Recently, Verge community met in Amsterdam to share the joy of brotherhood.

For instance, when there was a need to seal a deal with Pornhub, Verge turned to its family seeking 75 million XVG donations. It did not take much time for VergeFam to donate, while the largest donation came from TokenPay, which tended to be an unforgettable alley of Verge today.

According to an publication, Verge today is going on a crowdfunding to help victims of torrential rains which resulted in landslides and flooding in West Japan where around 112 people have been reported dead. At the same time, an unknown number of people is still missing while tens of thousands have been displaced, with thousands of homes destroyed due to the environmental disaster. Around 5.9 million people in 19 prefectures have been warned to relocate and according to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, around 23,000 people are still staying in evacuation centers.

Verge is seeking donations from crypto enthusiasts to join in aiding victims of West Japan disaster.

“A call to unite all communities as a global #crypto family. Let’s come forward to support @japan. Verge Currency will donate all funds to @binance’s effort to support this disaster.”

Observers believe that the result will go beyond expectations, purposely for humanity.

Earlier, Binance has donated $1,000,000 to the victim of the flood in Japan, calling the crypto community to follow the step.

In an official post, Binance stated:

“To help out the victims in West Japan that were affected by the heavy rains on 7/7/2018, Binance is donating $1,000,000 USD and calling for our crypto friends and partners to join us in the relief initiative.”

Interestingly, Binance may use the donation as a yardstick for listing new coins on its platform.

“Exact logistics will be figured out shortly. Reply to this thread or let me know if you (ur project) want to donate. Bonus points for future listing requests. And we may count your donations towards the listing fees. Listed projects, you know what to do!”

Meanwhile, in the donation run, SpydrZero, the creator of Skorch Token, came first.

“@SpydrZeroYT actually beat us to the transfer and became the first donator. crypto speed! Thanks.”