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Nero, Omni and Bill Gates Foundations Expand Partnership with Ripple
Editorial Team

In order to facilitate the sending money to poor countries that lack strong payments infrastructure, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has decided to expand its partnership with Ripple.

According to the Foundation’s deputy director Miller Abel, they’re now working with Ripple and the web monetization platform Coil to create a fast and effective way to send donations directly to people who need those most.

At the same time, Nexo has added XRP-backed loans, in what the company calls the “first and only crypto lender” to use XRP as collateral.

Omni has launched its long-awaited support of XRP.

The sharing-economy platform allows anyone to rent everyday items in their home to other people, instead of letting them sit in the closet collecting dust.

When another person rents your item, you can earn XRP or USD.

The company is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland, but it plans to expand shortly.