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NEO investors to Share $45 Million during ONT Airdrop
Editorial Team

The NEO council received over 20 million ONT tokens from Ontology to be distributed in a two-part process across all NEO holders on February 12. During block 1,974,823/March 1, a snapshot was taken of all NEO balances where for every 1 NEO token held, the owner would receive 0.2 ONT in airdrops.

The first part of the airdrop delivered 10 million ONT to NEO holders on March 7 in the form of NEP-5 tokens, the NEO Blockchain’s equivalent to Ethereum’s ERC-20 token.

The second part has been planned to go live once Ontology launches its mainnet, an event that happened on Monday. During this airdrop, Ontology’s native ONT tokens were delivered to each recipient’s new ONT mainnet wallet, not to their NEO wallets.

According to a publication, NEO News Today on Tuesday officially where users could find and access the second of airdropped ONT tokens.

The ONT Mainnet addresses that will be receiving the airdrop will be the same as the NEO addresses that received the first round distribution, and can be accessed using the same private keys or wallet import format (WIF).”

Notably, at this stage that there have already been reports of phishing scams that have been designed to lure investors into handling over their wallet addresses and passwords for this airdrop. As always, be vigilant and make sure that you are dealing with the right person.