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NEO and GAS is listed on Indian Koinex
Editorial Team

The popular Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform, Koinex, announced the addition of NEO and GAS on its platform. The deposits for both currencies will start on today, March 13, at 12.01 AM.

Koinex tweeted earlier yesterday:

“New #Token Announcement: Adding #NEO and #GAS to the list of supported #crypto assets on the exchange. Deposits for $NEO and $GAS will go live at 12.01 AM, March 13, 2018. #blockchain #letstradecrypto #whatsnextonkoinex”

Anindya, an excited Koinex follower tweeted:


“You guys are doing awesome, others will play catch up. Please give out some good news about ICO tokens too.”

Another Twitter user, Abhinav Singh suggests:

“Good job koinex team, well done! You guys are on fire. My suggestion, get your own coin just like Binance and Kukuin.”

The price range of NEO is expected to be around 6000-7000 INR and of GAS to be around 2000 INR, according to market analysts and observers.

NEO positioned at the 6th in the market and is currently trading at $92.48, while GAS positioned at 58th and is priced $27.57.

The overall number of tokens available for exchange on Koinex now sums up to 15, and this addition is a major incident for Indians who will be able to trade NEO for now  on the local market, meaning drastic cut down in trading fee and transfer expenditures even if the price of the currencies is slightly higher in Indian platforms.

There were recently some complaints about their service and interfaces, but Koinex is trying continuously to fix these issues.

Here are a few issues faced by the users:

Sri Madhan says:

“Please change the interface it’s difficult to manage multiple cryptos. Also, give users an option to favorite the currency pair and candlestick charts are a must.”

Aman Sinha questions:

“Can you please make your Android app support rooted devices? I think you should first work on bringing back the smooth and instant INR transactions. There is already a very good choice of coins on koinex India and please enable opening of each market by clicking on their name in the white bar instead of a drop-down list.”