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Nano (NANO) and London Block Exchange (LBX) to launch cryptocurrency hunt to celebrate the token’s listing
Editorial Team

London Block Exchange (LBX), a major cryptocurrency exchange announced on August 7 via Twitter the listing of Nano on their platform.

This partnership means the first Nano and British Pound (GBP) pairing. Moreover, Nano and the exchange decided to a launch a cryptocurrency hunt celebrate the collaboration, reported. The hunt would entail cracking a set of cryptic riddles and the winner would receive a Ledger Nano with a price that amounts to £5,000.

LBX is the first United Kingdom’s cryptocurrency exchange platform that was built to help users and institutions to be part of crypto-sphere.

Redditor, Bjartensen commented:

“Does this mean both ways? Can I sell NANO and get “real” money? And is it available to other countries? It was (is? Haven’t tried it yet) a hassle to find one where I could sell cryptocurrencies.”

To which Glen-hodl, another Redditor replied:

“Yes, it does work both ways, as an onramp and off-ramp. Only GBP at the moment, they are a fairly new exchange though so I expect them to add USD/EUR in the future.”

In May 2018, London Block Exchange was recognized as the only exchange in London that was offering the GBP trading. At the time, the exchange had also added OmiseGO (OMG) as a trading pair. LBX had also listed Bitcoin Cash (BCH), XRP, and Ethereum (ETH).

Redditor, Nano_Things  commented:

“The most reputable and significant fiat gateway to date!! Great news for the nano ecosystem.”

Glen-hodl, another Redditor added:

“I remember asking them a few months ago to list Nano, they said they would look into it, and now here we are. You’re welcome.”