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“Microsoft of Crypto” is Ripple according to Blackmore CEO
Editorial Team

CEO of Blackmore and Wealth Chain Group, Philip Nunn, is calling Ripple the ‘Microsoft of Crypto.”

In an interview with Business Cloud, Nunn elaborated on his claim.

“I see a whole load of similarities to Microsoft’s place within the advent of the internet.

You can argue that Microsoft’s tech is substandard and that it’s clunky. Compared to say, Apple, it is nowhere near as innovative and up to the task. However, the genius of Bill Gates was the fact that he was early and timing was everything. Whilst others were focusing on product development, he was focusing on adoption. Windows, Excel, and Word are the go-to-tool for every business.

The next wave of crypto is all about adoption. Those who crack that will succeed and those who don’t will fail. XRP and Ripple are getting into all the banks and positioning themselves.”

Nunn set up Blackmore in 2013. The company specializes in wealth management, angel investment, commercial property investment and financial technology. His latest venture, Wealth Chain Capital, invests in crypto startups and runs a crypto index fund.