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Litecoin Foundation Actively Promotes #PayWithLitecoin
Editorial Team

Charlie Lee, the Creator of Litecoin [LTC] announced yesterday that the team at LTC Foundation has pulled together all the resources to help lout the businesses to accept Litecoin.

Along with this announcement on Twitter, a video which displays the benefits of Litecoin was attached. Moreover, the Foundation has made it easier for companies to integrate Litecoin. Businesses can approach the Litecoin Foundation by simply sending a request mail on the PayWithLitecoin official page. On the same page, the Litecoin community can fill the details of the companies they want to accept Litecoin.

As wrote, the representative team at Litecoin had requested many small and medium businesses to accept Litecoin cryptocurrency as a payment option.

Up to now, the #PayWithLitecoin’s top 10 most requested business platforms by the Litecoin community includes Amazon, Seamless, Uber, Apple, Lyft, eBay, Netflix, Starbucks, Walmart and Spotify.

Campaigns like #PayWithLitecoin and #LitecoinAcceptedHere welcomed huge Litecoin users and supporters.

According to, SwissLTC, CEO, and Co-founder of Swiss mining space Gmbh has tweeted:

“Awesome! Been waiting for something like this! Got a few businesses in mind I want to suggest to accept litecoin. Now let’s go!”

Sharine, a Litecoin user has tweeted:

“GREAT !!! Already doing some small payments with litecoin on the regular.”

Troy Brown, another Twitterati says:

“LTCFoundation is a great team. You see the hustle and dedication they put into this cryptocurrency and it really offers comfort despite what the exchanges are doing.”

Fankero, another Twitterati says:

“Ooh yes! Now great punch has come. I think these are the arguments giving LTC a real standing. Great job Charlie & Co.”

Kenkell1, a Litecoin user has tweeted:

“lol@ pay with litecoin. Lite coin is a disaster……ZERO growth in months! A failure!”

According to the CoinMarketCap, at press time, Litecoin [LTC] was trading at $121 with a market cap of $6 billion and has seen a rise of more than 3% in the past 24 hours.