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Indonesian Crypto Exchange Indodax lists Tron [TRX]
Editorial Team

Besides the Main Net or token migration and the forthcoming expansion to Malta along with Binance, Tron enters Indonesia trying to spread its reach in Asia. The digital asset exchange from Indonesia – Indodax has decided to team up with the world’s 10th largest cryptocurrency to spread their wings through the country. Tron [TRX] will be available to trade with its first-ever Rupiah trading pair through the crypto exchange, according to

Ivan NathaNael, an Indonesian  Twitterati says:

“Not TRX/Rp. But TRX/IDR. I’m Indonesian. Welcome to Indonesia.”

CryptoRankings tweeted:

“Oh no call the Indonesian border patrol!!”

The deposits for the trading pair, TRX/Rp will be available from June 4 from 8 WIB and the trading activities will go live on June 5 at 15.00 WIB.

Indodax welcomed Tron community tweeting “Selamat Datamg Tron (TRX) di Indodax,” which means welcome to Tron [TRX] at Indodax.

Indodax is offering Bitcoin [BTC], Ripple [XRP], and Ethereum [ETH] where Bitcoin and Rupiah are trading pairs. Indodax is worth a market cap of $23.4 billion as per CoinMarketCap’s data with Storiqa, Tokenomy, and Bitcoin grabbing the top 3 spots on its platform, all the pairs in IDR.

Justin Sun tweeted:

“#TRON has expanded into #Indonesia and you can now trade #TRX in our first Rupiah pairs $TRX/$Rp. More exchanges are coming! #TRONSR.”

According to, Tron is listed to 98 exchanges around the globe. According to Sun, more listings can be expected soon which no surprise is considering the Blockchain transition and token swap schedule.

Upbit, Binance, and Bithumb are the top exchanges trading Tron with high volumes. TRX is currently trading at $0.062 with a positive 4.3% increase in the past 24 hours, making TRX believers optimistic.

A supporter said:

“TRX#TRON is going to the world most adopted cryptocurrency as the number of fiat pairs will grow and people will be educated on the lack of value in fiat and how corrupted entities can just flip a switch to print/increase a number of fiat currencies they own.”

A market observer, SSBH tweeted:

“Reduce the circulating supply of Tron only then it’s worth it else price will never go up to $1+. It’s simple math which you are unable to understand. A worry for token holders.”