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IBM leads Blockchain Technology
Editorial Team

On September 18, the Juniper Research’s Report ranked IBM as the leading company in the blockchains ahead of its competitors, Microsoft (2nd position) and Accenture (3rd position).

The sample size of the survey was 400 people. These people are founders of companies, business executives or IT developers in enterprises that use or tend to use the blockchain technology. Of these, 43% ranked IBM first. Microsoft came second with 20%.

This first position did not come randomly. R&D innovations such as Hyperledger and a wide array of customers blockchain list active in banking, asset tracking and the music industry is a guarantee for the consistent “involvement” of IBM in this fintech sector.

Other significant survey facts are the following:

  • 15% of survey respondents knew “very little” about blockchain
  • 76% of the survey responders believe that Blockchain could be “very useful” or “quite useful” for their company
  • 35% of the companies considering or active deploying blockchain feel it will cause “significant” internal disruption
  • 51% of the companies considering or active deploying Blockchain believe it will cause “significant” disruption to their partners/customers
  • 67% of the respondents stated that they had already invested more than $100.000 by the end of 2016, and 91% of them would be spending at least this amount in 2017. This statistic shows that the derived results from the initial investments are sufficiently encouraging.

You can find more information about this research in Juniper’s complimentary whitepaper, «Which Industries is the Best Fit for Blockchain?”

Through this accompanying report, enterprises were urged to concentrate on private blockchain rather than public ones. According to the statement of the research author Dr. Windsor Holden, the inefficiencies of public blockchains will lead inevitably to disqualification from use cases such as financial settlement, public sector deployments, logistics and land registry. It is wise to underline the more than ten yeared experience of Juniper Research in commerce and fintech sector.