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Global Crypto Market Cap Touches ½ Trillion
Editorial Team

The aggregate market capitalization of all combined cryptocurrencies now stands at nearly $470 billion, so close to half of a trillion. That corresponds to around 0.5% of the global stocks market capitalization at nearly $100 trillion.

The trading volumes have also increased to maintain a level above $25 billion, sometimes they were rising above $30 billion. Leading crypto exchanges were the former Chinese Okex at $2.5 billion, crypto-only Binance at $2.2 billion, former Chinese Huobi at the same level and then South Korea’s Upbit at $1.7 billion.

Regarding cryptocurrency market-share individually, Eth has noticed some remarkable gains, rising from around 9% in December, to now 17%, while Bitcoin has decreased by 36%. Bitcoin price has seen some price rise, and consequently, its market-share was increased remaining, however, below Ripple that currently stands at 7.7%.

Most of cryptocurrency are lately green, with yields of 5%, 10%, or more, with the big ones like eth and Bitcoin Cash to be the leading ones. Bitcoin Cash particularly has risen to $1,700 yesterday, up some $200, in anticipation of their hard fork upgrade on May 15.  Eth has its build conference, Edcon. Edcon is a unique conference, organized by coders and addressed to coders for the most part. No subjective abstract talk, but code, and code again. EOS is seemingly keeping t5heir gains for now. Tron is still relevant. No Blockchain yet Cardano keeps the seventh position.

Up to now, we have not seen the desired crypto boom. If this summer is when this will be seen, it is remained to be seen.