Exclusive interview with Johann Barbie, CTO Acebusters
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As you might have read in one of the articles lately published on CCBeast, Acebusters is the new innovative and extraordinary decentralized platform… a poker one! Acebusters was brought to life by the fusion of obsessed poker and cryptography fans’ passion, to bring something fun and profiting in the same time.
CCBeast got in touch with Johann Barbie, the initiator and CTO of Acebusters. On an exclusive interview for CCBeast, Barbie has described and explained all there is to know about Acebusters.

Hello, Mr. Barbie. First of all, thank you for accepting our invitation on this interview. Let us get straight to the point: How did you come up with the idea of creating such a “strange” but profitable platform?
Thank you for having me, CCBeast. The idea actually came up during a Saturday night home game session. By exchanging stories about cryptocurrency and blockchain, we noticed how ideal the problem of online poker is for such type of technology. While helpful applications in many industries would require heaps of external data, which is very expensive to process on blockchains, poker deals with the money itself, and the only external input besides the players’ bets is the random number generator, which can be securely modeled through multi-party computation. Everyone is searching for a killer app for blockchain, but reaching beyond the capabilities of this technology. We think we have found the killer app.

“Safety first” is an expression used in our daily lives. Is there a well-organized safety system attached to Acebusters? Are the users guaranteed with full security and reliability?
In online poker, players face threads from the platform, other players and hackers. We have taken great care to remove all three of those threads through some very efficient methods, as mentioned below:

– Through the user of blockchain and smart contracts, we give the control of the funds back to the users, and they never need to trust anyone with their bankroll.

Our smart contracts are peer-reviewed by a reputable provider.

– Through crypto-economic principles, we try to reduce cheating and filter out collusion.

– The choice of how to protect their account is given to the user (we support  Metamask, Mist and Parity until now, Ledger wallet to follow). While there can never be absolute security, our mission is to gradually approach it by providing the best UX to improve the journey.

No pain, no gain. What is the cost of becoming a part of Acebusters and keep being one?
There is no cost to join Acebusters. It is a network that is defined by its token holders. You can purchase from the contract or win your tokens in a game. At any time you can also sell you Nutz tokens back to the contract and cash out. Acebusters is an online poker cooperative, and if you want to become involved in decision-making, you should get yourself some Acebusters Power tokens. With APB, you can participate in votes about economic parameters and steer the future of the network.

Do the users of your platform get to pay lower taxes through crypto-laws?
Generally, we do not know the real-world identities or nationalities of our token holders. Like with other cryptocurrencies, it is up to the holder to declare their taxes in their country of residence.

What does Acebusters have that similar platforms like PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker did not have? As you know, the two latter became a part of fraud and money laundering, causing many trouble…
First, as described before, Acebusters does not pose a counterparty to the player. We do not want to shuffle the cards or hold the money at any time, which will make super-user scandals and embezzlement of funds a thing of the past. But the more interesting differentiation that we have is probably our rake structure. Acebusters will reinvest 100% of the rake into the economy. Rather than giving the rake to VIP-s and stars, it will go to newbie players, creating a better experience and recycling money to infinity.

6. The users of Acebusters are willing to give to become a part of the platform. But do they have any profit?
Compared to other cryptocurrencies, where investors only profit from the market price of the token, Acebusters Power (ABP) offers 3 different ways to benefit:

– Increase in price, profit from the market.

– Participation in the growth of the economy. Your ABP increases in value when deposits are made.

– Earn dividends by holding ABP.

How and where can the Acebusters’ users access the platform?
We are live and kicking on You can access it from your favorite desktop or mobile.

As a former social games developer, do you believe that there is more to be experimented with cryptography and other innovations?
Indeed we are at the beginning of very interesting times. While social games experiment with currencies already, soon we will be able to implement the rules of games in cryptographic algorithms. This idea already exists as multi-party computation, the 3rd generation of cryptography. MPC enables parties to jointly compute a function over their inputs, while keeping those inputs private. This will allow for a whole new category of social games with real stakes.

The value of Bitcoin has increased and keeps increasing, day by day. Do you see   crypto-money as the future of the planet?
While I am excited about cryptocurrencies, I see the real potential of blockchains in governance. Being able to create binding contracts on a global scale is something powerful that will change the way we do business and handle international relations. Maybe, one day, it will create a world government.

Mr. Barbie, your diploma thesis was about the human interaction in distributed social networks. In what terms do you see jackpots, gambling or coin machines more interesting and profiting online?
Actually I am not a fan of gambling at all. I am interested in poker as a skill game. It teaches us to deal with fear and greed, take risk and estimate our opponents. I enjoyed my university work on serendipity that you reference in the question, because it took place in a peer to peer network of Bluetooth devices, without a central server. Today we are still using Facebook and Twitter, but I am in good hope that the advances in blockchain will soon allow us to have self sovereign digital identities that don’t only exist behind walled gardens.

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