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eToro Trading Lists Cardano (ADA)
Editorial Team

The trading platform eToro expands its diversified cryptocurrency portfolio by adding Cardano [ADA], one of the hottest digital assets for 2018. eToro has been expanding dynamically, moving beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, and adding liquid enough crypto assets.

However, for now, the move s of eToro excludes TRON. Recently, users have had the option to also own the digital assets outright, as eToro schedules to release a wallet function, according to the report of

ADA has wiped out most of the gains, siding from around $1 to the current mark of $0.15. However, this is still a robust price growth, compared to the $0.03 price that drifted sideways for a long time after the ICO.

eToro’s big expectation is to unroll soon its services to US-based traders after dealing with the legal restrictions. This would contribute to the increase in popularity of all the listed projects. ADA volatility in the past months was limited, moving between $0.15 and a temporary peak near $0.37.

After the addition of Tether (USDT) and ADA by Binance, the influence of the first to the latter’s market price has increased. According to, more than 43% of ADA trading is happening against USDT tokens, but volumes remain lower compared to the peak ADA prices both in a dollar and BTC terms.

Recently, not even a Bithumb listing managed to budge ADA. Nevertheless, trading activity on eToro is independent of other cryptocurrency markets. As a result, it may not have a direct effect on the general price. Currently, the most active market for ADA is on Binance against the USDT, with 23% of trading happening against BTC.

This may mean for ADA that it could become one of the assets de-coupling from BTC prices potentially growing even in a downward Bitcoin market.