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Ethereum Users Active Base Greater than Bitcoin’s
Editorial Team

According to, Ethereum is currently seeing around 100,000 new addresses per day, while the aggregate number of the new addresses to have doubled since December accounting for over 35 million.

The main block explorer of Bitcoin has not provided any new comparable stats for the token, but according to the last known data of March, Bitcoin had 24 million addresses, the same time that Ethereum had 31 million.

As in Ethereum smart contracts consist of an address, the comparison may not be so exact. However, the number of such smart contracts amounts to only thousands, the time the difference was some seven million.

However, the number of active users of Ethereum maybe higher or lower than the number of addresses. It can be lower because a user may have many addresses. Or higher because many might be using exchanges and might never withdraw from it to another Blockchain address. Going instead from fiat to the exchange to eth to fiat again without the individual ever touching the Blockchain.

The second is probably because Coinbase alone has around 20 million users, while Japan’s FSA has revealed exchanges there have 3.5 million users.

Americans and European mostly use Coinbase, while only South Korea would significantly add to those figures. As a result, it may well be that 35 million is actually not very far off.

Another remarkable statistic is the number of active addresses, where Ethereum has succeeded to continuously surpass Bitcoin on that front for the first time. Currently, Ethereum has 550,000 active addresses while Bitcoin stands at 472,000.

However, this number of on-chain active users is still particularly small, despite the interest over cryptocurrencies recently.

However, there are also off-chain transactions on exchanges or other layers, but an interesting comparison to internet growth may be well be supported by the data:

The above indicates that the adoption of Blockchain is like that of the Internet in 90’s before Google, Facebook and all the rest.

A fairly apt comparison considering that a number of Ethereum smart contract based dapps can now be somewhat compared to the early usefulness of internet websites.

Within this limited space, Ethereum seems to have the most active user base and any incremental improvements tend to have major cumulative effects on the space.