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EOS Mainnet is up and Running after a temporal halt
Editorial Team

On June 16, EOS Mainnet faced a technical glitch due to which the Mainnet was stopped, following the Block Producers [BP] elections. The whole community was required to halt all the nodes and downgrade to version 1.0.3. All the Block Producers, along with the Block. One team worked on this problem and has been providing constant updates on their progress.

According to, one of the Telegram Channels named “Mainnet Status” broadcasted all the instant updates regarding the same, According to the team, the root cause was the way that deferred transactions were handled.


According to AMBcrypto, the following steps were taken by the team to fix the problem:

  • A nodeos fix will be released
  • The block producer nodes will be upgraded
  • Blocks will be replayed until last irreversible block
  • Block producers will sync to each other
  • Chain will be opened up for mainnet and has been upgraded to version 1.0.5, without losing any data on the Blockchain

Jameson Lopp, the founder of tweeted:

“Looks like the EOS network managed to stay up for a whole day before running into a showstopper bug that froze the chain.”

The fix was released by Block.One on GitHub and has been verified by the Block Producers and Standby nodes. The Blockchain went live at 14:48 UTC and a statement were released by the company which summarized the entire bug fixing process. It was published in English, Chines, and Korean by the Block Producers. presents the opinion of community’s members.

Stephen Jones, a cryptocurrency enthusiast said:

This is just a case of overblown expectations. People were expecting this thing to just come out and be an Ethereum killer. Not happening anytime soon.”

A Blockchain Enthusiast named Bryan Buff said:

“And they got it resolved quickly and efficiently. I can recall Apple (who has slightly more than the $4b people keep hammering EOS about) pushing an update or two that bricked iOS devices and took days to fix. Give me a break with this shit.”

Another Twitterati said:

“when I told people to avoid hyped Ripple which EOS is they laughed. Now get rekt!!”