CCBeast Special A cross-chain “trustless” and ultra-secure new crypto exchange
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Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is getting bigger and bigger day after day. The much-mentioned Internet of Value is closer than ever, enabling billions of Internet users to exchange value instantly. Moreover, the number of cryptocurrencies will grow in order to serve the needs of the different communities of users to securely trade every type of valuable assets in a decentralized value network, a network without supervision by a central authority. During this development, the role and the competencies of crypto exchanges have transformed radically. Inefficiencies in term of security, reliability, compliance, and accountability are common in the existing crypto exchange market. To address the abovementioned pitfalls, the Paymium team is launching – a pioneer European crypto exchange that aims to become the leading cryptographic exchange in Europe by 2020.

Paymium is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges around the globe and the first in Europe. Its advantages are the secure and the reliable way it provides its services. It was found in 2011 under the name Bitcoin – Central and it has not faced any hacking attack since its inception in 2013. Currently, the platform boasts more than 170,000 accounts, with 98% of its funds held in cold storage. Paymium is controlled by the French regulation authority AACPR and is compliant with European banking standards for anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) procedures. Notably, Paymium is the only certified crypto exchange by external auditors.

Now, the founders of Paymium rely on their advanced knowledge of cryptographic technology, their operational in-depth understanding of the crypto world and market, their discipline in software development and their commitment to compliance and accountability and create crypto exchange. In turn, it aims to overlap the existing shortcomings of the crypto exchange market by implementing the highest of the standards in security, reliability, compliance, and accountability. is designed to provide a secure and efficient access to Internet of Value, the next level of evolution of the Internet, according to the team. The new Internet is built on multiple decentralized, automated, transparent, and secure Blockchain-based value networks, which operate different versions of the Blockchain, fueled by different cryptocurrencies. Aim of is to operate as a bridge for all these value networks and provide a transparent and secure marketplace for trading. aims to become the cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors. It will combine the new-generation technology of a centralized custodial exchange with decentralized “trustless” cross-chain “fair exchange” settlement. In the beginning, centralized cryptocurrency exchange will be a low-latency, full-featured exchange with full functionalities like custody services, centralized order booking, and efficient order matching. Shortly, functionalities such as margin trading, proprietary lending, and peer-to-peer lending will be added to the platform. The decentralized cross-chain settlement, on the other hand, will be based on cross-chain atomic swaps. This type of cryptographic protocols allows the settlement of transactions across heterogeneous Blockchain networks without “trusted” third-party and counterparty risk. This feature is a huge step furtherer the traditional markets and closer to the Internet of Value.’s offering includes also their liquidity services. These include the selective listing of tokens based on technology and business due to diligence, ICO services i.e. planning and execution of selected ICO campaigns, and market-making services. presents five main features that differentiate it. First, it is ultra-secure and decentralized at the same time, offering cold storage (held at least 98% of reserves), cryptographic proof of service, multiple signature access to cold wallet, periodic technical audits and timestamp logs, and periodic financial audit, while decentralized settlement eliminates the counter-party risk that is inherent to a custodial exchange. Second, it is fully compliant and transparent. The exchange aims to comply with all current applicable EU regulations, to conduct audits by independent auditors to ensure the integrity of the platform, and especially to perform significant balance checks. Third, it is bounded to offer reliable infrastructure, resilient under high volume, heavy traffic conditions, or DDoS attacks. Processing capacity in the first phase will be up to 2 million orders per day. Forth, as we mentioned above the listing process will follow a strict vetting process by their team of Blockchain experts. Fifth, will provide ICO campaign support and token listing services to help entrepreneurs in all phases of their fundraising campaigns. and Paymium relation are beneficial for both parties. The basic idea is the following: The existing Paymium platform will provide users a preferred gateway to fiat currency networks, while will enable Paymium and international traders to access the cryptocurrency ecosystems and the Internet of Value. Lastly, no fee will be charged for all transfers of coins/tokens between them.

Founder and CEO of is Pierre Noizat, the CEO of Paymium. Noizat is a successful author of many crypto-related books and he is considered fairly as a cryptocurrency expert. He was pioneer working on cryptography applied to digital television services long before the appearance of Bitcoin. A well-regarded advisor of project is Jean-Pascal Beaufret, a former executive at the French Ministry of Finance, where held various positions such as Inspection des Finances, deputy secretary at the Treasury Department. He is also a former Head of the Tax Administration.

The project will offer the community its ERC-20 compliant BCIO tokens to raise funds. The public sale is programmed to end on October 14, 2018. The project will supply 200 million BCIO tokens, with 120 million earmarked for sale. The exchange rate of 1 BCIO has been set at 0.70 euro. The team hopes to reach a hard cap of 60 million euro.

This project seems to covers basic and advanced needs of all crypto enthusiasts and investors. The possibilities of it are bright, as the Internet of Value expanding rapidly.’s founders for another time can see the future and they will be on the spot when the new-generation technology gain more ground.

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