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Blockchain Awards Announced: The Blocks – held in Amsterdam in June

Blockchain awards called the The Blocks have been announced today by the Blockchain Expo, taking
place in Amsterdam Wednesday 27th June 2018. The inaugural awards will showcase the excellence
within blockchain technologies, where experts and influencers will congregate to celebrate a
fantastic evening.
The awards are free to enter. Entry deadline Friday 27th April 2018
Submit your entry:
The Blocks are designed to recognise outstanding strategy, application, and effectiveness of
blockchain technologies. Open to brands, ICO’s, technology providers, consultancies, strategists,
developers and individual innovators, the awards provide the opportunity to be recognised as a
thought-leader in your respective industry.
Judging the awards will be;
Vincent Doumeizel – Vice President Food & Sustainability, Lloyd’s Register
Richard Kastelein – Founder, Blockchain News
Erik Beijnoff – Business Development Manager, Spotify
Richard Crook – Head of Emerging Technology, RBS
Thomas Power – Board Member, 9 Spokes
Tiana Laurence – Author, Blockchain for Dummies
Nick Ayton – Independent, Blockchain Author
Winners will be celebrated at The Blocks awards ceremony. Entrees to the awards will attend for
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