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Bitfinex Denies the Accusations for Money Laundering
Editorial Team

Bitfinex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the globe, has been accused of being involved in a money laundering scheme. After conducting an internal investigation, the exchange concluded that the allegations are “untrue and unfounded.”

A few days ago, Bitfinex was involved in a controversy when the Polish prosecutors seized about €400 million from two accounts, one of which was allegedly connected to the exchange.

Now, Bitfinex reacts and denies the allegation of being involved in the money laundering. The claimed to be conducted the internal investigation was run to determine if the exchange had been connected to any of the two accused companies of defrauding and laundering funds. Bitfinex did not find any connection and stated that:

“Based on all available evidence and information, [it] has concluded that these allegations are untrue and unfounded.”

The exchange further declared that:

“Among the claims under dispute, Bitfinex has not been party to any official investigation launched in any jurisdiction globally on the basis of the allegations reported in the Polish media. This signals that the relevant authorities have found no reason to act upon the claims made against the Bitfinex platform.”

However, the legal restrictions did not raise any issue for the customers of the exchange as they are still able to access their funds and accounts. A spokesperson for the exchange said:

“Bitfinex believes that these allegations are untrue and Bitfinex customers and operations are unaffected by false rumors.”

All begun when the Polish media suspected that these confiscated funds were involved in money laundering scheme and were used for international fraud.

According to some reports, a Bitfinex user had been interrogated about these funds weeks before the seizure by the Polish police.

The two involved in the scam companies are also accused of defrauding Belgium government of €400,000 and of working with a large cryptocurrency exchange. However, the name of the exchange has not been revealed by the authorities. Finally, the local and international media linked Bitfinex to the entire ordeal.

So far, the Polish authorities have filed no charges against the Bitfinex, but given the international nature of the crimes, they are working with the international law enforcement agencies.

Last December, the exchange, and its associated company Tether were subpoenaed by the US regulators for unknown reasons. The exchange took some legal action to protect its reputation, but there were no further developments on the case.