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Australian Pharmacy company is now accepting BTC, LTC, ETH, and Dash
Editorial Team

According to a publication of AMBcrypto, on June 18, TravelByBit announced another merchant’s acceptance in cryptocurrencies. By doing this, the company adds a new industry to their list of merchants. Lugarno Pharmacy, a store near Sydney is now accepting cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin [BTC], Litecoin [LTC], Dash [DASH], and Ethereum [ETH] for medications.

TravelByBit is an Australian company, who allows travelers pay in a cryptocurrency of their choice. Also, the company designs tourism routes and provides their merchants with a digital currency payment platform. Their merchants vary from real estate and accommodation to travel information providers and bike rentals. TravelByBit also lends support crypto community for overseas travel or tourism around Australia. According to their website’s introductory video, their goal is to run a “Bitcoin Travel Movement.”

Recently, the entire crypto market faced a crash in almost all prices. Currently, BTC is selling at a value of $6,468 with a market cap of $110 Billion, while last week, Bitcoin price dropped to $6,291 and ignited debates on the threats imposed on investors.

Ethereum price is held at $497 with a market cap of $49 billion, while at the peak of the recent market crash, it dropped as low as $462.

At press time, Litecoin (6th position among cryptocurrencies) is selling at $94 with a market cap of more than $5 Billion. Lastly, Dash (13th position among cryptocurrencies) is selling at $253 with a market cap of about $2 Billion.