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Amendment Announcement from Ripple to all their Users
Editorial Team

On April 10, Ripple announced the availability of The DepositAuth and fix1513 amendments. This was followed by the new Rippled version 0.90.1 upgrade a few weeks ago which made it a compulsion for all the Ripple server users to upgrade to it immediately for the service community.

First, The DepositAuth Amendment allows an account strictly reject any incoming money transactions sent by other accounts while the fix1513 fixes the calculation switchover implementation issue in the fee escalation queue. The announcements were published on the official Ripple’s website requesting the users to upgrade to it immediately.

If a user continues operating an older server (below 0.90.0), this will have as a result an amendment blocked server which:

  1. Cannot determine the validity of a ledger
  2. Cannot submit or process transactions
  3. Does not participate in the consensus process
  4. Does not vote on future amendments
  5. Could reply to potentially invalid data

Although using the 0.90.0 version server is not amendment blocked but still requires to be upgraded to the higher version for some important security fixes otherwise, the Rippled version may abruptly stop or restart.

Ripple continues their relentless efforts on the development and maintenance of technology, huge partnerships and many other things in store.

The current trading value for XRP is $0.48 and the market cap which was almost around $23 billion earlier this month, it has now fallen down to $18.9 billion at time press.

According to unsecured sources, Ripple is expected to work Apple. However, both companies have not officially confirmed the news yet.

Alexa Richmond, an XRP trader says:

“Not long before Ripple integrates with Amazon, Google, and Alibaba. The next step is xRapid then Booom! Conquer Alibaba before Tron does which they obviously will.”

Marc De Roon, a blogger and YouTuber tweeted:

“Great news like so many since we saw ATH but the price is still dumped until cryptos are unpaired, they will all drop together regardless of the good news.”

Mohammed Sharaiyra, a market enthusiast says:

“I keep repeating myself; this will NEVER affect XRP price unless money is poured into XRP itself. All these announcements talk about IOV (internet of value), banking solutions and all the big deals will only benefit Ripple Company! not XRP “coin” public investors!!!”