About Us

CCBeast.com is an independent news website which is oriented towards topics related to CryptoCurrencies, Blockchain, Startups, Technological News and the Altcoins ecosystem. We are proud to own one of the most comprehensive ICO and token investments search engines giving  the chance to potential investors to chase the next investment  opportunity setting specific search criteria.
Our team covers everything related to CryptoCurrency community, starting from accurate information about the latest developments, events, ecosystem news and founder stories. Accompanied we will include detailed analysis, breaking news or exclusive interviews related to the CryptoCurrency community.
We also offer real-time prices for more than 1.000 altcoins, comparing prices from more than 5.500 markets. Every user will be informed about every cryptocurrency change, and will also be able to have a better point of view to their investments, so the management can be productive, profitable and pleasant! In addition, we are also capable of hosting extensive analysis from experts and opinion makers from the community of digital currencies.

The number of investors, entrepreneurs, startups and businesses is growing day by day and all those shareholders of the community need the latest and the most accurate information. We are proud to help them thrive and succeed in our industry. In a time when digital currencies are in rapid growth, we will be here to document both successes or failures (whether it will rarely occur!). Starting from seed-stage bootstrappers, and all the way up to multi-million dollar exits, we perceive that every effort considered to be worthy, deserves a chance to be heard.

To sum up, CCBeast.com has been brought to life with the aim of becoming a magazine that will contain the next big thing about digital currencies, world-bringing individuals all around the World, and what other great happens when ideas and investors sit all in the same table.

In case you want to reach our team, please drop us an email : contact@ccbeast.com