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8 Ripple trading pairs go live by Koinex
Editorial Team

Koinex has announced the launch of Ripple [XRP] based cryptocurrency pairs on its platform. The Indian-based cryptocurrency exchange will permit trading of 15 tokens on both web and mobile.  Aeternity [AE], Litecoin [LTC], OmiseGo [OMG], Request Network [REQ], Golem [GNT], Tron [TRX], Nucleus Vision [NCASH], and EOS [EOS] are paired with XRP.

Koinex also launched cryptocurrency –to- cryptocurrency trading at zero cost. Nevertheless, the user is charged a nominal trade fee based on the Indian rupee value of the order placement, while selling is free of charge.

Koinex tweeted:

“Ripple [XRP] has always been a crypto-crowd favorite because of its high liquidity and ease to transact. For the first time in the crypto world, Koinex proudly presents XRP-based trading market with 8 XRP pairs going live tonight.”

Rahul Raj, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Koinex said:

“Our platform is built with agility and technical brilliance to adapt to any market requirement. We were working on the possible new offerings on Koinex and our traders showed interest for a crypto-to-crypto trading corridor.”

He continued:

“Therefore, we expedited the platform integration and today we are set to offer our entire crypto-pair bouquet for seamless trading, and many more such surprises are in the pipeline to enthrall our users.”

Koinex offers nine Bitcoin Cash [BCH] based pairs and six Ethereum [ETH] based pairs and accepts only Indian clients.

Prashant Bagdia, a cryptocurrency follower tweeted:

“Start allowing users from outside India too! I am damn sure others would like to start trading on Koinex now that crypto-crypto pairs are up(especially the XRP pair).”

Rob, a cryptocurrency, and Blockchain copywriter commented:

“Well done! Great to see a truly remarkable currency become the trading standard. Congratulations @koinexindia – you’ve made a very commercially advantageous move.”

Luv K Saxena, a cryptocurrency enthusiast tweeted:

“Thanks, Koinex for considering the feedback in a positive way and going ahead with the XRP pairing, great to see such a quick feedback loop.”

A market follower tweeted:

“WOW! The First Time that good XRP News, don’t let the XRP Price going down. Just joking! I love XRP!”